Yung Joc has revealed there was a fracture in his friendship with Quality Control’s Pierre “P” Thomas thanks to a failed collaborative record with 2 Chainz.

During his visit to the Big Facts Podcast earlier this week, Yung Joc spoke on his friendship with P and how things weren’t the same after he found himself in a situation with 2 Chainz. According to Joc, he and Chainz got a record done, and P put up money to help push it.

However, clearance issues got in the way of getting the song out and caused a problem for everyone involved.

“[2 Chainz] gave me a love verse, I will say that he gave me a love verse and that n-gga was going in and I was still signed and shit, so I came back me and P did a deal,” Joc said. “So me and P put up $30,000 to push the record, so I asked 2 Chainz to do it for me and I’m a bring him the money and the label going to cut the rest of the check for them. So I just give you a deposit on the label and cut the check.

“So it was time to get all the shit going, and we got the radio playing it, and you know these markets, you start up a record in certain markets and shit, and then when I’m coming to 2 Chainz it was like we couldn’t never get the clearance on it.”

He continued: “So the label wouldn’t cut the check, and I was like, ‘Damn, bro, I just need the clearance on this shit like do something.’ So we kept going back and forth with the attorneys, and it didn’t quite happen, and that shit kind of created a situation with me and P.”

Joc explained that P didn’t appreciate wasting money, and the rapper looked like a failure. He ultimately decided to pull out of the deal and do his own thing.

Losing money is something Yung Joc is all too familiar with. In October 2022, he accidentally sent a stranger $1,800 via Zelle and pleaded for them to return it on Instagram.

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The Atlanta native confessed to his fumble by sharing a screenshot of text messages he sent to the mystery recipient. In them, Joc urged the person to transfer his money back, although it appeared they had blocked his number.

“Hi can you please return the $1,800 that I mistakenly sent to you account via Zelle,” he wrote. “I don’t know you nor do you know me. Please do the right thing. God has a bigger blessing for you……. I know you’ve blocked my number and that’s ok I just need the $1,800 that was sent to your account via Zelle.”

Joc added in the caption: “So I sent them a Zelle by mistake and they won’t return my money…. can y’all please call/text them and ask them to return my lil change? 6785987689.”