Young Cocoa pays tribute to the city of Jakarta in his latest single, “JTOWN (PM),” released on February 10 via pan-regional label OFFMUTE.

The Filipino rapper-producer proudly “reps” the city where he was raised. According to Young Cocoa, the track is “about how I feel about Jakarta… It’s not so much a nostalgic visit as it is one where I express how much impact the city has had on me,” he said in a press statement.


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On singing and rapping both in English and Bahasa, he said, “The way I did it was inspired by other Southeast Asian artists who would mix English and their native languages into their lyrics. I chose to incorporate Bahasa because I felt it was necessary to tell my story as authentically as possible, as this is a more serious take on how I normally structure the lyrics and storytelling of my music.”

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This also marks the ”Manila” artist’s expansion into different styles. Produced by frequent collaborator Trizzy, “JTOWN (PM)” prominently puts DnB and UK garage into the forefront. [It’s] the most different song I’ve ever made,” he explained. “I consider it a benchmark in my discography in terms of my sound selection, tempo, mood, and overall evolution of taste.”

“JTOWN (PM)” is part of Young Cocoa’s upcoming debut mixtape titled Sari Sari. He previously worked with Hicci in “Prinsesa.”

Watch the visualizer for “JTOWN (PM)” below: