Tony Yayo has said rappers from the streets, such as his longtime friend and running mate 50 Cent, are damaged, and that their environment is the reason why.

Speaking to VladTV, the former G-Unit soldier explained why he believes rappers from the streets are damaged. After Vlad brought up how the only forms of therapy rappers have are either drug use or talking to a friend instead of getting professional help, Yayo added that people can’t go to their friends about all their issues because others will talk.

According to Yayo, people from the street are fully trusting of their friends which leads to them being damaged. He used 50 Cent as an example of rappers from the street having the most issues due to their circumstances.

“Listen, 50 didn’t know who his father was, and his moms was in the streets, and she got killed,” he said. “There’s no parents there, your grandparents are older, you’re damaged, bro. You was outside, the streets taught n-ggas. A lot of shootings you see, you see an 18-year-old kid stab his 16-year-old girlfriend somewhere in New York because he thought she was cheating.

“Muthafuckas be damaged, bro. It’s what they see. It’s what they see from parents. It’s fucked up for certain places. Sometimes you want to help and try to fix people. Your mans say he do shit for the youth. That’s real shit. ‘Cause that’s where it starts at, trying to help them, but some people can’t be helped. They just fucking bad seeds, bruh.”

Check out Yayo’s interview with Vlad below:

Yayo went on to talk about Bronx drill artists such as Kay Flock and B. Loveee and how they are living in a warzone, explaining that it’s a matter of life or death for them. New York drill has been facing criticisms since its inception in the late 2010s, such as being responsible for the uptick in crime in the Big Apple.

Flock is currently sitting in prison and fighting a murder charge stemming from a shooting incident in Harlem, New York, in December 2021. According to Yayo, guys like Flock need to leave the streets and avoid all the trouble that awaits them there because it’s only going to add to their damaged mindsets.

Tony Yayo Doesn’t Think 50 Cent Will Ever Do A Verzuz

“Don’t be in the hood, bro, that’s it we already solved this problem with rappers. N-ggas want you to be in the hood but if you be in the hood you showing your street credibility, right? You showing n-ggas you still in the hood,” Yayo said. “Where do rappers get in trouble at? The hood. There you go, I’m trying to chill in Calabasas with you.”

In another segment from his conversation with VladTV, Tony Yayo also spoke on rappers who aren’t necessarily from the street and letting the money make them feel like they’re from that environment. The Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident was the topic of conversation and Yayo used the incarcerated rapper as an example.

“When you have money and power I mean it could turn you semi tough I’m not saying he’s not tough because I don’t know him,” Yayo said. “I know n-ggas that’s five foot two that got the little man complex and will cut your face, you know what I’m saying?”

He added: “When people like you say that might make him mad to go out and do some dumb shit. Sometimes the things people say affect people so I don’t know. I know short dudes that are even more crazy because they short so they felt like they always got something to prove.”