There has been a lot of chatter surrounding a new Clipse album, and it seems like it really is going to happen. During a recent interview with Gray Rizzy at SiriusXM, Pusha T gave some insight on his brother No Malice making a return as a member of Clipse.

Pusha explained the news started to brew when NIGO was making his album I Know NIGO! and asked the brothers to record a track for it. That song happened to be “Punch Bowl,” and Push figured he’d try his hand at getting No Malice to drop a few verses on his album. The older brother obliged and recorded “I Pray For You” alongside his brother and Labrinth off It’s Almost Dry.

According to Push, No Malice asked his brother to list his name on the track as his old moniker after hearing how hard he went with the bars. That move only had Pusha even more convinced that his brother was itching to drop new music.

“I said ‘Ok,'” Pusha said while nodding his head up and down. “He was like, ‘Yeah, I’m seeing everything they saying,’ and I’m like ‘Aight man,’ you know? Then people been very vocal from the ‘Punch Bowl’ record to [‘I Pray For You’] people were like ‘Yo, what is this?'”

He added, “I’m pushing for a Clipse album, I want it to happen, you know it’s up to him, but I am very confident. I didn’t know we always could do one. I’m very confident we can do a Clipse album.”

The last album the Thronton brothers dropped as a duo was 2009’s Til The Casket Drops. It debuted at No. 46 on the Billboard 200, selling 31,000 copies in its very first week.

Pusha T Teases Another Clipse Reunion On ‘It’s Almost Dry’: ‘I'm Pressing For An Album’

Clipse went on an indefinite hiatus, with Pusha T embarking on a solo career and No Malice choosing a spiritual journey to Christianity. They made their unofficial return in 2019 on Kanye West’s “Use This Gospel” off Jesus Is King.