Many consider Michael Jackson one of the greatest artists of all time and someone people sought advice for. B2K’s Raz B is the latest artist to say he met Michael Jackson and the King of Pop gave him the best advice he could ever get.

Footage of Raz B’s claims made their way on social media Tuesday (January 11), and fans can see the singer talking to a group of people in Chicago, Illinois.

“Michael Jackson asked me before he died, he said, ‘Who owns the name B2K?'” Raz B said in the clip. “I was woke up at 3 am to go to Michael Jackson’s last video, “You Rock My World.”


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Raz B continued to speak but was annoyed with everyone talking over him and laughing at what he just said. He felt he was being disrespected and warned someone he wouldn’t let anyone interrupt him again.

“Let me give y’all some game n-gga,” Raz B said aggressively. “Ain’t none of y’all got more money than me. None of y’all n-ggas. Real talk, thank you. That Millenium Tour, I created that. Me, I bought the trademark.”

The Millenium Tour has gone through its fair share of controversies with Raz B. The singer dropped out of the tour in 2019 over concerns with his safety.

“Raz-B is actually off the tour,” he said in a rant on Instagram. “I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around. So guess what? I’m off the tour. Good luck to everybody.”

“No disrespect to [Omarion] because he’s my brother,” he continued. “[Omarion] if you come talk to me and want me to do this tour I’ll do this tour, but I’m officially off the tour, okay?”

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Raz B ended up rejoining the tour with an Instagram Story appreciating his fans for the support they were giving him through that difficult time.

“I appreciate the outpouring of love, empathy, and understanding from my supporters. I look forward to continuing the Millennium Tour for our fans,” Raz wrote on his Instagram. “You all deserve it!”