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T.I.’s “paperwork party” may have been snubbed by Boosie Badazz, but one person who hasn’t passed up the opportunity to pull up is Charleston White.

In a video posted to TikTok on Sunday (February 26), White filmed himself driving past the Trap City Cafe in Atlanta, where just days earlier Tip had hosted an event to share court documents purportedly proving he didn’t snitch on his dead cousin.

In the almost two-minute-long clip, White and his fellow passengers spot T.I. and his car in the parking lot outside the cafe while sat in their vehicle. A female passenger then asks the Texas native if wants to roll the window down to get the rapper’s attention.

“Yeah, if you want to,” White replies. “You ready to fight? Shit, I got my mace! Y’all ready to fight?! Or y’all want to go check his paperwork?”

Another passenger adds: “I got a little more than mace in this car,” to which White responds: “Okay! ‘Cause I got an event too. I don’t want to miss my event ’cause we fucking with Tip’s event. Shit, I got back-end money to pick up.”

White and co. then drive slowly down the street, where they see a long line of people waiting to get inside T.I.’s neighboring Trap Music Museum.

“Man, Boosie come up here he gon’ have a problem,” one of White’s passengers remarks. “Everybody coming to see Tip.”

White says: “Shit, that boy might have just went up because of this,” prompting laughter from inside the car. “That might hurt Boosie, though.”

@texasnation95 Charleston White Pulls Up To T.I Paperwork Party At The Trap City Cafe #Charlestonwhite #fyp #t.i #viral #Atlanta #trapcitycafe #trending ♬ Yeah im the police "T.i." Diss – Charleston white

T.I. threw his paperwork party on Friday (February 24) after being called a “rat” by Boosie Badazz for pinning a gun case on his late cousin Toot to avoid jail time in the early 2000s — which he confessed to on his expediTIously podcast in 2020.

Boosie — a fiercely outspoken critic of snitching — also canceled the joint album they were planning to release together.

“With the T.I. situation, if he did that — you a fucking rat too,” Boosie told VladTV. “I don’t spare no muthafuckin’ body. Because if you doing anything wrong, you doing anything criminal and you cooperate with law enforcement to get you out of trouble — that means you’re cooperating. That means you’re a rat.”

After initially firing back by telling the Baton Rouge native to “pull up” and expressing disappointment that he didn’t reach out to him privately, Tip shared his paperwork on social media in an attempt to shut down the snitching allegations.

Dated February 2003, the Fulton County court document states that the evidence seized during the “illegal stop, arrest, search and seizure and interrogation” had been supressed.

“The case was resolved due to a motion to supress all of the evidence because of an illegal search and seizure. The case was dismissed!” T.I. explained in an interview with Trap News Networx, before claiming that because nobody went to jail in the case, he isn’t a snitch.

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The Grand Hustle general then flaunted his paperwork for all to see at the Trap City Cafe and called out Boosie Badazz for ignoring his invite. “I just don’t like for a n-gga to God damn get fly then get shy, you hear me?” he said while addressing the room. “My n-gga, I’m right here in the center, so come on if you got something to say about me.”

Instead, Boosie spent the night watching the Atlanta Hawks take on the Cleveland Cavaliers at the State Farm Arena, which he documented in a series of Instagram posts — prompting T.I. to apply even more pressure.

“Say boy u posed to be up here @trapcitycafe checking dis paperwork and straightening yo face or else you flaw…. according to the convict law. @mamaheliveagain2.0,” the King lyricist commented on one of his IG posts.

In response, Boosie seemingly snuffed out any further confrontation by informing T.I. that he had privately messaged him. “@tip I text U,” he wrote back along with a green tick emoji.

Meanwhile, T.I. and Charleston White have had their own issues in the past, with the pair trading vicious jabs on social media last year after White threatened the rapper’s 18-year-old son, King Harris.

Tip later dissed the former gang member on wax. “First your master got you/ Then them whites in Charleston bought you/ To the point you think folk on IG care about you,” he rapped on Memphis rapper Jucee’s “Step.”

He added: “What a day, my son respond to what a fuck n-gga say/ I end up on the internet going back and forth with a J/ You’s a neva was, suck-a-dick-to-get-a-dub n-gga.”