Tierra Whack has returned with new music for the first time since 2021, even addressing a recent headline with a freestyle over SZA‘s “Smoking On My Ex Pack.”

Released on Thursday (February 23), the song hears the Philly native get into her rap bag while making a handful of thinly-veiled references to her 2022 run-in with the law at Philadelphia International Airport.

I don’t ever panic ‘cause I got a good lawyer,” she raps at one point, later adding, “Please don’t believe everything that the media feedin’ ya.”

Before closing the 1:01 freestyle, Whack does deny the reports of her arrest directly, saying “When I got arrested y’all acted surprised, but I had them bars ever since I was nine/ I was never arrested, the news is just lying!”

In November, the rapper was detained and cited for disorderly conduct after bringing a gun loaded with six live rounds — none of which were in the chamber — into Philadelphia International Airport.

The gun in question was confiscated by federal authorities, who believed it was an “honest mistake” and that Tierra Whack wasn’t planning to “hurt anyone.”

The Philly native is licensed to carry a weapon in the state of Pennsylvania; however, guns aren’t legally allowed to be transported on public flights.

Whack was released from police custody shortly after being cited.

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The new freestyle may indicated releases are on the way, after a quiet 2022 that saw Tierra Whack largely missing on the music front, outside of a feature on The Roots’ “Misunderstood” with Erykah Badu.

The track was premiered by Funk Flex on Hot 97 on October 27, one week after the veteran DJ challenged the Philadelphia group to end their musical drought.

“I challenged The Roots last week, and they delivered big time,” Flex declared on-air while building excitement for the song, which was produced by Jorun Bombay and Questlove. “The knock on this is crazy … This is so mean.”

Last year also saw Thierra Whack release the instrumental version of her eclectic 2018 project Whack World .

Among her many fans waiting for new music is fellow Philly native Meek Mill, who called Tierra his “Fav female artist” in a series of tweets last year.