Run Deliks show their appreciation for the humble and ever-reliable instant noodles in their latest single, “Brocanton.”

The Filipino rap duo enlists fellow rappers Kyle and Pure Mind Quiet Heart to list down the merits of the popular pancit canton, which is both a local brand and also a type of Lo Mein or tossed noodles.

The track title seems to be a portmanteau of Brockhampton and canton, with the production style—helmed by maaliw—reminiscent of the now-defunct American group.

Pancit canton is a staple in Filipino households, thanks to its cheap price, several flavor availability, and no-cook preparation. On “Brocanton,” all four rappers share how pancit canton’s accessibility and convenience work well with busy schedules.

From a larger viewpoint, instant noodles largely make up the diet of millions of Filipinos beyond practical reasons or near-universal appeal.

According to a 2019 survey, “almost every Filipino picks up instant noodles when in a grocery or sari-sari [convenience] store… [making it] the leading commodity in the Philippines, beating fast food by a mile.” A 2021 report cited by local news outlet Inquirer provided more economic context on the situation: “64.25 percent of Filipinos cannot afford a healthy diet.”

A Filipino senator recently raised the health issues that can result from the regular consumption of food products like instant noodles in a budget hearing, failing to get answers from both the trade and health departments, as well as the local Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on how to resolve the issue.

Stream “Brocanton” below: