Remy Ma has called drill rap “overrated,” and said many of the subgenre’s new artists aren’t getting paid the way they deserve to.

The Bronx-bred rapper made the comments in a new interview on the Jason Lee Show, adding that she doesn’t really understand the appeal of the budding new sound of Hip Hop.

“I don’t have an exact person but I feel like a lot of the drill is overrated,” Remy said. “Like I don’t know what you’re saying, but that’s all anybody listens to. It’s not an artist’s thing, it’s a sound and I feel like that whole genre is super overrated.”

She continued: “People are literally out here killing their children. These artists they’re 14, they’re 15, 16, they’re killing each other. And I feel like it’s because of the way people are acting, like it’s this whole big thing, but I don’t really think any of them is getting the money that they should off of their YouTube views or off of their music and it’s overrated. They’re dying over it.”

Remy Ma is not the first rapper to take issue with the genre. Last May, Pete Rock took aim at Brooklyn’s drill movement, criticizing Mayor Eric Adams for playing a drill song during a press conference.

“Thats trash hop not hip hop i been told yall about this kinda shit. idc call me what you want but that kinda hip hop is doo doo and it disrupts the soul i told yall that already man lol smh,” Rock said on Instagram.

He continued: “Nobody speaks up on this trash lol. Drill rap not even for the birds or the streets its the result of greed, people with no talent, and the destruction of the culture. Yall never see the play when it’s happening and everyone complains but does not speak up and say a word. Now this!  this how we going out? It’s on social media but who is really promoting this? talk about that smh.”

Pete Rock’s comments come after Eric Adams initially declared war against the city’s drill movement early last year, saying in a press conference the music had contributed to a rise of violence in the city. He specifically cited the February 6 shooting of 18-year-old Bronx drill rapper C-Hii Wvttz, born Jayquan McKenle, who was gunned down in his car after he left a Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn recording studio.

“I didn’t know Jayquan, but his death hit me hard because the more I found out about Jayquan’s story, the more I saw how many times he had been failed by a system that is supposed to help boys like him,” Adams said in a tearful address.

He continued: “He was not just a victim now, but a perpetrator. But he was young, there was still time for him to turn the path of violence and move away from that. Our system and justice system should have done more, more to help him, rehabilitate him.”

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The subgenre has also gotten some major co-signs in recent months, with Cardi B praising Bronx drill in particular and hopping on a remix to Kay Flock’s “Shake It” last April.

“I don’t give a fuck who you is, who you fuck, what shit you jacking,” Cardi said in an Instagram Live session. “Get signed and get the fuck out. You know why I fuck with all of y’all? Because y’all getting the Bronx lit!

“Me and A Boogie, we became mainstream and everything, but you know there’s always a borough that they got shit going on. But right now, the Bronx really getting the shit muthafucking lit. So shoutout to all y’all little muthafucking drill rappers out there.”