Pooh Shiesty has claimed that JAY-Z “can’t even relate” to his earning power in a braggadocious message from behind bars.

The 1017 signee took to Instagram on Tuesday (February 21) to offer an update from prison, where he’s resided since April 2022 after being sentenced to five years and three months in federal prison for a gun conspiracy conviction related to an October 2020 shooting in Florida.

In the lengthy post, the 23-year-old told his fans he was making some serious money prior to being convicted, and that prison hasn’t slowed down his income. He took the boasting up a notch by declaring even penultimate hustler JAY-Z “can’t relate” to how much bread he was bringing in at such a young age.

“King Shiesty tappin in from the middle of the pennititary aka Hell where they say i cant go , jailing no telling,” the “Back In Blood” rapper wrote. “I still remain Untouched , Millions still in double digits! Tell google fix my networth we can verify that shit right now.

“Yeah im locked up not fucked up , i was 21 up 8 figures. JayZ cant even relate my money. Tripple my followers. Stop playing with my name before i buy one of you for sale ass n-ggas you n-ggas ANYTHING!”

He added: “I put on for this Choppa Gang shit everyday , twice on Sundays im on the same shit from Tokio to Tennesse , ain go fed to start getting scared aint no n-gga never played with me free or in jail. Im still the Menace of Memphis , Still the King no matter what jungle , Slick almost the same n-gga just a lil mo powerful Yk Talm bout baby larry hoover lol.

“How you let a n-gga in the feds outdue you ? You n-gga cant beat me at crawling backwards. you gone have to get yo hand , knife , andd gun game up before you can do some with me stop playing so much! For my fans , supporters , love ones holding me down everyday , keep keeping it solid i promise it dont get unnoticed i see everything and got some special for all word is law.”


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Shiesty concluded by eviscerating his critics and said the moment he’s out it’s over for the competition.

“The rest of you pussies dead ! keep hating , false advertising , back biting , and counting me out, it up and stuck like a tree house,” he said. “Im touching down to terrorize i gotta dorito on my shoulder im going 100% flamboyant on you fucking clowns ! its all bad for you wild ass n-ggas ” ALL EYES ON SHIEST.”

Pooh Shiesty’s JAY-Z claim seems a little unfathomable considering the Roc Nation boss’ net worth was reportedly up to $1.4 billion last April.

The Memphis rapper allegedly shot a 28-year-old man in the buttocks outside a hotel in Bay Harbor Islands during a weed and sneaker deal gone wrong.

Pooh Shiesty Might Have To Cough Up $1.1M In Restitution For 2020 Shooting

The incident was captured on video surveillance, and a Louis Vuitton bag filled with $40,000 in cash fell out of his rented McLaren as he sped away.

Investigators found the parcel and matched the cash to the rapper by linking the serial number one of the bills to a $100 bill shown on his Instagram page days before the shooting.

Shiesty pleaded guilty to the firearm conspiracy charge in exchange for three other charges being dropped, the most serious of which carried a possible life sentence. Having been granted time served, it’s likely he could be released after three and a half years with good behavior.

Despite his incarceration, the 22-year-old was able to release Shiesty Season: Certified, a deluxe edition of his 2021 debut mixtape, days after his sentencing. The project sported collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, Moneybagg Yo and more.