An Omarion fan who believed she was engaged to the former B2K frontman without ever meeting him had to be let down the hard way during a recent appearance on Dr. Phil.

Bronx native Simone was brought on the show by her best friend, who was frustrated not only that her friend believed in what was clearly a fake relationship but that she was also sending money to this person purporting to be Omarion.

While the scammer was able to get $300 out of Simone for a “fan club” membership that never materialized, she thankfully had yet to send the $3000 Omarion’s “manager” was trying to charge her to meet him.

After both Simone and her best friend told the story to Dr. Phil, Omarion’s real manager made an appearance to confirm Simone was being scammed – and then the real Omarion appeared via video with a message.

“I heard about today’s show and I definitely want to share this important message with my fans and the viewers,” O started out. “It’s crazy how far these people will go to convince and manipulate my fans to think that they are actually speaking with me. From sending fake drivers licenses and passports — even FaceTiming them claiming that there was a bad connection when they never even seen me. I’m so sorry, Simone.”

He continued: “I haven’t been speaking with you online and we are not in a relationship. You haven’t sent me any money. I want everyone to be aware that if someone is online claiming to be me and asking for money, that you are not speaking with me. I would never do that. All of my official pages are clearly marked with a blue check. I don’t have any backup pages, okay? I ain’t gon’ be lurking online. I have one fan texting number and that is 844-888-8726 and when time permits, I send positive messages.

“I am passionate about all of my supporters so please be careful and mindful about who you are speaking with online. Thank you Dr. Phil for bringing awareness to this situation. Brightest moments to all and remember – be mindful.”

Simone didn’t appear to take the news well, but she held it together and said she was happy that she now had the truth.

Meanwhile, Omarion is busy dodging rumors about a relationship with Nia Long after the pair shared a flirty moment on the red carpet of the premiere for You People in January.

At one point in the viral video, the veteran actor grabs Omarion’s hand, trailing him along through a row of photographers.

Despite the apparent chemistry between the two, the 52-year-old insisted that people need to “simmer down” with the rumors as she’s still very much “single AF.”

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Omarion was later asked about her comments and agreed that there’s no truth to the rumors that they’re dating while noting that he, too, is currently romantically unattached.

“No,” he said when asked about the speculation. “I just met her for the first time on the red carpet.”

He didn’t shut the door completely, though. “You never know!” he added with a smile, before describing their red carpet moment as a “big Scorpio vibe.” “Nothing but respect for the queen. I mean, who wouldn’t?”