Master P has fired back at Fat Trel and Jess Hilarious’ claims about him owing them money.

The No Limit founder took to Instagram on Wednesday (February 22) to speak on his prior business with Fat Trel, after it was claimed he and Alley Boy were owed money for a project they did together.

Master P said the only time he, Trel and Alley worked together was on their New World Order mixtape that was released for free on LiveMixtapes in 2013, which is why it didn’t generate much money.

“I wish @fat_gleesh_ the best,” he said. “But he is owed nothing from me or my company. The only business we ever did was put out a free mixtape on in 2013 which is available to download for free today. We also put it on iTunes, which it didn’t sale because you could get it free from Livemixtapes.

“I covered the entire production costs, paid for flights, an apartment and rental cars that were trashed and damaged. I’m the only one that made a financial investment in this project and took a loss. And I have receipts to prove it. Everyone that was around us at that time knows the truth.”

He added: “Since then, he signed with Rick Ross then went to prison, that was over ten years ago. Now y’all know the truth! Let’s see what media sites going to have integrity and do the right thing.”

Master P went on to address Jess Hilarious calling him out for allegedly owing her $15,000 for a comedy skit.

“For the cowards hiding behind their computers enforcing fake news, I do have @jesshilarious_official contract from 5 years ago for I Got The Hook Up 2 and the copy of the check that was cashed and paid,” he said.

“She was joking about a second check that was never in her contract. That’s the narrative they ran with for clickbait and fake headlines. Thank God for receipts!

“It’s sad how the media glorifies negativity and don’t even research these stories. But all we do for the kids in the community barely get a mention. Y’all go ahead and keep promoting us against us. I’m just gonna keep pushing legit product, keep doing what’s right and educating our people because all my blessings come from God anyway.”

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Master P also shared a video of him, Fat Trel and Alley Boy in Las Vegas as Louie V Mob, while explaining he’s only ever looked to support others.

“I’ve only given people opportunities,” he said. “Ive never forced an artist to make music or go into the studio. It’s sad that it’s always us against us. But I’m going to keep educating the ones that want to learn and grow. And to everyone I’ve crossed paths with, I wish them success.”

He continued: “One thing about the Truth it can’t be changed & It Will Always Come to Light,” he said. “What they meant for harm, God will use for good. I’m going to Keep doing the right thing, that’s why bigger blessings Keep comimg.”