Lloyd Banks is a hybrid of the late Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac, according to his G-Unit brother and former label mate Tony Yayo.

In the latest segment from his conversation with VladTV, Yayo claimed Banks is a mix of Biggie and ‘Pac. According to Yayo, even though the former G-Unit soldier isn’t too fond of the industry, he’s a problem when it comes to creating music similar to the pair of late legends.

“Banks is a show-and-prove type of guy,” Yayo said. “He’s like anti-industry. That’s just who he is, but when it comes to material, I go to the studio he’ll play me 100 records. It’s like his bars is something like Biggie, but he write like a 2Pac.”

He added: “So I never met a guy like that besides [Eminem], and [50 Cent] gets in his zones, and like me, I get in my zone. So when you hear that whole Loyal tape, I’m in my zone.”

Lloyd Banks dropped a feature on the song “Rocket Chamber” off Tony Yayo’s latest project, The Loyalty, which arrived on February 14. Prior to that collaboration, the New York natives linked up on “Don’t Switch” off Banks’ The Course of the Inevitable 2.

Banks having over 100 songs ready to play for Yayo should come as no surprise. During his conversation with HipHopDX in August 2022, Lloyd Banks explained he has enough material to release an album for the next five years.

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“I just feel like I’m chasing the ultimate album, you know what I mean?” he said. “So it’s like, I can’t possibly be finished. I also lost more than a few years from just taking hiatuses in the business. In a lot of spots, I’ve might have been expected to have momentum, but I wasn’t in a situation at the time to just drop album after album.

“Now, I feel like I’m fully capable of dropping an album for the next five years. At least once a year, if not twice.”

As for Tony Yayo, he explained to Vlad that he has even more projects on the way, with the first being a follow-up to The Loyal.

“I got another one coming, El Micho,” Yayo said. “Like I’m in my zone, so I catch them spurts where I can go crazy with the concepts. El Micho is a big drug cartel because I did the El Chapo first and everybody kind of ran with it so now I’m going with the El Micho now. That’s coming next.”