Lloyd Banks, Dave East and Vado have a new collaborative project with DJ Drama coming soon that will serve as the proper introduction to their supergroup, The Council.

Vado sat down with Still Got Da Juice and revealed the group’s album is dropping later this year, with DJ Drama being tapped to host the lyrical affair. According to the Harlem native, individual projects need to be released before The Council can get business moving.

“It’s looking like it’s going to drop around probably October, ’cause Banks is about to drop, East is soon about to drop again, I’m bout to drop so the tape is going to be around September-October,” Vado said. “But you know, we also on Banks’ album so you’ll hear us together again.

“We’ll probably give y’all a freestyle just to get the streets warmed up. Shoutouts to DJ Drama. You know he fucking with us, so he going to host it. We working.”

It’s unclear if the project will be a Gangsta Grillz entry, but with DJ Drama’s influx of mixtapes from his legendary series over the last few years, signs point to it being one.

Lloyd Banks, Dave East and Vado first announced they were joining forces as The Council in December 2021. Fans received the news via an Instagram post from media company blklstd, who posted a picture of the three New York City rappers wearing leather jackets.

There was very little information about the supergroup at the time, but now fans have finally gotten a proper update from the Big Apple lyricists. They first collaborated on Vado’s “Respect the Jux,” which dropped last month.

In a statement, Vado briefly spoke about the record — which landed on his Long Run, Vol. 2 project — and said Dave and Banks were the best choices to accompany him.

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“This is the soundtrack of the gritty NYC streets, so it’s only right I went and got two of the grittiest lyricists to join me in Lloyd Banks and Dave East; AKA Bank Matthews and Dave Hyatt,” he said. “The track is produced by my fellow Harlemite’ 6 Figure Digga.’”

In addition to prepping a full-length collaborative effort with his New York brethren, Vado recently claimed he has the verse of the decade. Last month, the Harlem spitter made a bold declaration regarding his song “Da Hated” featuring Dave East.

“If u ask me a verse of da decade,” Vado wrote in an Instagram comment.

“Da Hated” appeared on Vado’s Sinatra 3 project, which dropped in 2018. The Play Picasso-produced track served as the standout from S3, with Vado and his The Council teammate trading prolific rhymes.