Kodak Black has major plans to invade the live-streaming industry and he’s got his sights on overtaking streaming titans such as Akademiks and Kai Cenat.

Yak revealed his intentions of joining the lucrative streaming business in an Instagram Live session earlier this week.

“I’m bout to start streaming, man. I’m bout to start streaming. Real n-ggas make the world go ’round. Real n-ggas make the world go ’round [and] the world revolves around me,” he asserted.

“If I jump on this streaming shit, homie, I’m gon shoot past all the n-ggas — Akademiks, Kai Cenat, Adin Ross. I’m bout to start streaming. Y’all get with me.”

With Kodak’s vulgar nature on the mic, fans in Akademiks’ comment section weren’t optimistic about the Sniper Gang leader’s chances of lasting long within the guidelines on Twitch or whatever platform he chooses.

“Kodak streaming would be something else,” one wrote while another person added: “Twitch banning him first 2 weeks I’ll bet whatever.”

Someone else echoed the same sentiments: “He will get banned in less than a week!”

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Kodak Black seems to be searching for something new as he will also be busy burying his head in the books as he ventures into further his education. Last week, the Florida native revealed he’s enrolled as a student at Arizona State University after getting his G.E.D. in jail.

“Arizona beennn one of my states fun fact: I’m really enrolled in ASU college after getting my GED in jail I’m jus in love wit applying myself although money so long I can teach the school something,” Kodak wrote.

During a performance over Super Bowl weekend, Kodak added that he has to pass a series of pre-requisite classes before picking his major.

In addition to being back in school, Kodak Black is also getting ready to release a new album. Last month, the Florida native revealed on Instagram Live that he’s hard at work on his next project and aiming for a February release, but the clock is ticking.