Kodak Black has refused to work with Drake due to his close working relationship with 21 Savage.

The Florida rapper was planning to drop a whole project with the 6 God, but as he explained on Instagram Live on Tuesday (February 21), the release of Drizzy and 21’s Her Loss album last November made him reconsider.

“I had told Drake I ain’t wanna do no collab actually,” he said. “No songs or no album, ’cause we supposed to been did a whole album together before him and lil buddy did that shit.”

He added: “I had told him I wanted to wait, like 2023, after February.”

Kodak Black and 21 Savage butted heads last year after the latter claimed that he could beat any of his fellow 2016 XXL Freshmen in a Verzuz battle, including Kodak.

“I’m smoking Kodak,” he said. “Nah, Kodak got some shit, though. It just depends on how a n-gga play it, how it goes. N-ggas be acting like I don’t got that shit, that’s what be the problem. People be forgetting. I don’t know what n-ggas be thinking.”

Yak fired back on Instagram Live, saying: “21 don’t want the smokes, man. That n-gga ain’t say nothing yet. I done DM’d that n-gga. Man, wassup? Run it. I done hit Verzuz. Don’t be capping on this internet, homie. You ain’t ready to stand up in that fire, boy.”

Kodak Black teased a collaborative album with Drake in June 2022, revealing they had already recorded a lot of music together.

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“Me and Drake, we got so much music,” he said. “It’s really on, like, whenever bruh might feel like he be ready and stuff. Or when he be like, ‘We gon’ drop the album, we gon’ do this or we gon’ do [that].’ It’s really on him. We got a lot of songs, though.”

Kodak isn’t the only rapper who apparently has issues with Her Loss. According to N.O.R.E., Future was unhappy about the album as he believed it might overshadow his and Drake’s 2015 collaboration What a Time to Be Alive.

“I heard there’s a big rumor that Future is not too happy with this Drake and 21 Savage album, and it makes Drake and Future’s album not as important, I would say,” N.O.R.E. said while guest co-hosting The Breakfast Club last month. “This is allegedly, this is all rumors.”

He continued: “I’ve never heard it from Future’s mouth, never heard it from Drake, never heard it from 21, but it’s an alleged big rumor that’s going on right now.”