Thai singer KIN and rapper OG Bobby join forces in the former’s newest track, “Paper Plane,” produced by BIGYA$EN.

An accompanying Punsiri Siriwetchapun-helmed visual—called “fashion film”—was released on February 3, showing the two roaming the halls of a hotel, with KIN as a bellhop and OG Bobby as another hotel employee.

“Paper Plane” explores what seems to be an unrequited romance, as KIN sings in Thai, “Have been sending you messages you won’t open / A message on a paper plane / I’m sending at you / I’ll keep sending it every day / Even if it won’t get to you.”

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The track is part of Thai label White Music’s YouTube video series titled ‘HOTEL FOX,’ which was initially unveiled on January 23, and has since included four music videos, with “Paper Plane” as the latest installment.

Also part of the ‘HOTEL FOX’ series are NATT NAMTAN MARIA’s “โอเคไหม” (OK?), MATCHA’s “ไม่ต้องการYour Love” featuring DABOYWAY, and MEEPOOH’s “Roller Coaster” featuring ALALA. Thai hip hop legend DABOYWAY is credited as a co-executive producer.

Watch “Paper Plane” below: