Kid Cudi has given up on trying to work with two artists in particular: Tyler, The Creator, and The Weeknd, who Cudder said most likely won’t work with him.

Cudi discussed the potential collaborations on Twitter and said regardless of them not happening, there are no hard feelings.

“Would you ever work with Tyler or The Weeknd?” a fan asked.

“I think the question is would they ever work w me?” Cudi replied. “And i doubt it, especially tyler. Believe me I’ve asked. Abel’s the homie tho but I think that ship has sailed. Its all good!!”

The fan then followed up and asked if a Frank Ocean collab was potentially on the table, which Cudder said was not likely. “Frank is the homie too but I doubt we’ll do something,” Cudi said. “Some things just arnt gonna happen guys its ok!”

However, he did say he plans to “get with” Logic at some point down the road.

Cudi recently announced that he was pulling the plug on a joint album with Travis Scott, which was tentatively titled The Scotts.

“Is The Scotts album still on the cards,” a fan asked on Twitter on Wednesday (December 21), to which Cudi replied: “Naw im not doin that. The moment has passed.”

The Man On The Moon rapper promised another fan that he and Scott will still release more material together. It comes after Trav previewed a new song with Mr. Rager just a few months ago.

Kid Cudi and Travis Scott dropped what was initially believed to be the first single from their joint album, “The Scotts,” in April 2020.

Kid Cudi Teases New Music, Reveals ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'' Was Originally ‘MOTM3’

The track is produced by Mike Dean, Dot Da Genius, Plain Pat and Take a Daytrip, and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard, marking Cudi’s first-ever chart-topper and Travis’ third. It has since been certified platinum.

In other Cudi news, despite previously implying that Entergalactic would be his last album, the Cleveland star has been teasing new material for weeks now.

“Im doin 1 more album and then im done w my deal and not sure what ima do after that but yea, 1 more,” he told fans in November. “Wont be next year. Keep u posted.”

He continued: “This is for all my fans that have been ridin w me for so long. This will be all new music. The songs ive teased ill prolly put out as singles here and there to hold u over.”