Kelis has revealed that she almost had a scary fall during California’s historic snowstorm this past weekend, and took to social media to document the aftermath.

In a video shared on Instagram on Sunday (February 26), the “Milkshake” hitmaker can be seen bundled up as she talks to the camera. A rescue vehicle can be heard beeping nearby.

“So here’s the thing: my truck got stuck. It’s like hanging off a cliff now,” Kelis says as the wind whips in the background. “Its crazy how the tow truck actually made it.

“We’ve been outside for a while, but we had all our snowboarding gear so God is good, and I figured if you’re going to be in this situation, you should at least look your best.”

She continued: “So I’m wearing layers to keep warm. I’ve got my light on which is good because it’s pitch black out here…you know, things could be worse. This is rescue fashion. See? Always be prepared.”

Kelis added in the caption that she was trying to take her children snowboarding when the disaster struck.

“My plan was to take the kids to the snow , but we almost fell off a cliff” she wrote. “So make the best of what ya got, [and] always be prepared lol.”


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Kelis isn’t the only music star being affected by the bizarre weather. Jim Jones revamped his “Weavahman Jim” persona earlier this week after he and his fellow New Yorkers awoke to frigid temperatures and wind chill.

“Man, fuck this weather and whoever the fuck is in charge because the shit is just not adding up at this fucking point anymore,” he barked in a video posted on Instagram. “A n-gga told me it was damn near 80 in Philly yesterday and snowing in New York today. The shit is just goin’ wild.

“What’s next? A n-gga don’t even know how to get dressed anymore. There was no snow advisory. N-gga, I don’t make the weather, I report the weather. So someone gotta tell me what’s going on, ya heard? Fuck it, no Air Force 1’s. Baby girl, you could do the Uggs and shit like that.”

Kelis has been quiet on the music front for years, but last September broke her silence on the death of her husband Mike Mora, who died from stage 4 cancer at the age of 37.

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Speaking to PEOPLE, Kelis expressed how thankful she was to be able to have had a slow goodbye.

“It wasn’t something that was sudden,” she said. “We were able to prepare, and love, and say goodbye. We were able to spend the time that we needed to, as much as we were given, the best way that we could. Is it a great situation? No, it’s freaking awful, but I am grateful.”

She added: “It was out of our hands from the beginning. We’re just grateful for what we had. It’s part of life.”