Filipino hip hop artists JMara, Fateeha, Tommie King, Leaf, Tiffany Lei, and Ez Mil join forces for a surprise DJ Medmessiah-produced rap cypher via Def Jam Philippines.

Beatboxer Leaf warmed up the group as the four MCs each take their turn over a rap rock-inspired beat by the Morobeats honcho.

The cypher was warmly received by fans, with many in the comments asking for a collaboration among the artists, who have yet to work on a track together.

How Morobeats Is Putting Pinoy—And Mindanao—Hip Hop On The Map, DIY-Style

The video appeared to be shot during the artists’ visit to the Universal Music Group office in Manila last year.

Ez Mil and JMara were both nominated for hip hop categories at the recently held 8th Wish Music Awards.

Watch the cypher below: