Jim Jones isn’t happy with the weather in New York this winter and has voiced his frustrations while tapping into his Weavahman Jim persona.

Capo took to Instagram over the weekend after he felt cheated by the weather report for the Big Apple when he woke up to a surprise snow dusting and another frigid and windy 30-degree day.

“Man, fuck this weather and whoever the fuck is in charge because the shit is just not adding up at this fucking point anymore,” he said while hitting his signature toe-tap outside his home. “A n-gga told me it was damn near 80 in Philly yesterday and snowing in New York today. The shit is just goin’ wild.

“What’s next? A n-gga don’t even know how to get dressed anymore. There was no snow advisory. N-gga, I don’t make the weather, I report the weather. So someone gotta tell me what’s going on, ya heard? Fuck it, no Air Force 1’s. Baby girl, you could do the Uggs and shit like that.”


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Jim Jones would be wise to get his snow-friendly wardrobe ready as NYC is bracing for its first snowstorm in months on Monday night (February 27), despite the spring season being right around the corner. Fans should expect another update following the snowfall from Weavahman Jim.

It’s been a wild close to February from a weather standpoint around the country as California was hit with a very rare blizzard over the weekend as well.

Benny The Butcher & Jim Jones Brave Deadly New York Blizzard

The Dipset rapper recently revealed he trademarked his signature foot tap while reporting the weather after he spotted it in a commercial.

“I trademarked the foot tap,” Jones said. “I saw one of these companies doing that shit in their commercials and I had to… let me holla at you and show you what this trademark look like.”

He continued: “Before they have to pay you that type of money, they do the right thing and acknowledge that you were outta pocket and things like that, and hopefully they turn around and do business with you for the same reason they was using whatever properties you owned.”