Iggy Azalea has opened up about the bizarre requests she receives from subscribers to her steamy OnlyFans content as part of her Hotter Than Hell project.

The “Fancy” rapper joined Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live last week where she delved further into some of the strange asks she receives in messages from fans on the risque platform in exchange for cash.

“They’ll send me like six hundred dollars just to send a voice note. Like, ‘I’d never suck your disgusting little fucking dock! Is that even a dick? I wouldn’t even let my dog lick that dick,’” she explained of the kinky requests.

“They’ll be like, ‘Goddess Iggy — Please, please, please, please! I know that you don’t have time for my tiny little thing, but please can you just tell me what you think about it?’

Azalea continued with a version of her explicit responses: “‘And don’t you fucking message me again unless you give me fifty dollars next time!'”


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She went on to say it’s not all raunchy messages, as sometimes Azalea just enjoys simple conversation about whatever movie or Netflix show her subscribers are into.

Iggy’s lucrative OnlyFans costs subscribers $25 per month but those that order a whole year’s worth of content will receive a 25 percent discount.

The 32-year-old has been reluctant to see exactly how much she’s raking in from OnlyFans and says she’ll consider revealing the exact financial terms in an interview with Forbes.

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However, she did expand on the situation in an appearance on model Emily Ratajkowski’s HighLow with EmRata podcast.

“I don’t show vagina, but there is boobs and there is butt and I am naked,” she said. “I’m making so much money that I won’t even say how much it is.

“It was scary when I sat on OnlyFans. I’m someone who shows my breasts or my nudity, I don’t really have a problem with being overtly sexual when I’m in control of it and when I feel it has artistic merit. It’s a way of doing something for myself that I don’t have to compromise on.”