GloRilla and Yo Gotti have responded to a concert promoter after the “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” star was pelted with a drink at a nightclub.

A video went viral on social media on Thursday (February 9) showing Big Glo having liquid thrown on her as she was escorted by security through a club in Oakland, California.

The clip also captured an angry attendee approaching the Memphis native and shouting: “Fuck you, bitch!” before appearing to spit on a member of GloRilla’s entourage.

Reports suggested the crowd hostility stemmed from the rapper failing to perform at the venue, despite her appearance — for which she was allegedly paid $30,000 — being promoted as a live performance, not a hosting gig or a walkthrough.

After the footage made the rounds online, GloRilla addressed the incident on Twitter and shut down reports that she got spat on, while also suggesting she was paid to host the club night, not perform.

“Ain’t no ho spit on shit !!!!! Ask dat ho how ha face feel doe,” she tweeted. “No way you think I’m performing when you paid for a hosting crazy tail self.”

In another tweet she added: “I’m so mad dat I can get sued for slapping you hoes !! [crying face emojis] but you hoes still can get slapped bitch.”

GloRilla’s CMG label boss, Yo Gotti, also took to social media to defend his artist, refuting the promoter’s claim that the $30,000 fee was for a performance.

“30k to perform [crying face emojis] U must booked lil Glo NOT Big Glo #CMG,” he wrote in an Instagram comment.

The Memphis-bred mogul also jabbed the promoter by posting a video from GloRilla’s recent packed-out performance in San Francisco to illustrate the difference between a headlining concert and a club walkthrough.

“This how a #BigGlo Show Looks SOLD Da Fuk Out Hard Tickets from Ticketmasters!” he wrote in the caption. “S/o to #TheBay & All da fans that bought tickets to da Concert! #KnowDaDiffereceBetweenAShowAndAWalkThru #BigGLO #BigProduction #BigEverything #SanFrancisco.”

The promoter, meanwhile, has demanded his money back.

The commotion comes after GloRilla was forced to clear the air over allegations that she had been scamming collaborators out of thousands of dollars, including a choreographer who claims to have invented her “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” dance.

Trinica Goods, a former dancer for the Memphis Grizzlies who now resides in Atlanta, said she was hired to work with the rapper for $1,500, but never received the payment.

Goods then spent months chasing the money, but was apparently told by her team that she would only be paid when the rapper and her crew returned to Atlanta.

In response, GloRilla alerted her followers to a scammer who had been impersonating members of her team.

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“I was made aware that an individual has been impersonating members of my team and deceiving people for money as part of a scam,” she wrote on Facebook in December.

“I’m looking into the issue, but I’d like to encourage all my fans and supporters to be very careful with how they communicate with online strangers.

She added: “It’s important to do research and take the appropriate steps to prevent yourselves from being victimized by cybercriminals posing as celebrity teams.”