G-Devith’s new album is here!

The Cambodian rap star’s 8-track Passion2TheSky (EP1 Dinosaur) is currently available only on YouTube as of February 10.

A day before the album release, G-Devith shared the music video for ‘Emperor ចក្រពត្តិ,’ the fourth visual featuring singles from Passion2TheSky (EP1 Dinosaur), following “MAMACITA,” “បងប្រាប់ថាកុំៗៗៗ Don’t Just Don’t,” and “ជំហានជ័យ (Life Tale).”

According to G-Devith, Passion2TheSky (EP1 Dinosaur) is the first of the three-part project, with each release dubbed as an “episode,” and was originally slated for a January release.

The rapper first announced the album back in December, writing in Khmer, “Even though I do not have enough time during this busy time, I try to keep the promise I made to the fans.” He also said that the EP title, Dinosaur, was meant to convey (child-like) happiness.

It follows last year’s 15-track PASSION album, which also did not include any guest features.

Watch “Emperor” below: