Fredo Bang has addressed recent reports of him welcoming a child with a married lesbian couple — however, he’s still keeping certain details under wraps.

Sitting down with VladTV, the Baton Rouge rapper spoke about being a first-time dad with Annie and Sevyn Buffins, and why the couple was a good fit for him to make a life with.

Hoping to clear up some of the speculation and confusion, DJ Vlad began by asking Fredo if the child was conceived sexual intercourse or in vitro fertilization.

“For one, I’m a gentleman. I’m not the type to disclose if I’m penetrating or navigating or what happens in my bedroom, you feel me?” he replied. “If any woman that I done been with feel like telling what happens in my bed, that’s up to them. I feel like it’s corny if I was to say if I’m penetrating or not.”

Fredo Bang also spoke about the couple’s other child, which they had via IVF before meeting him, saying he views the boy as his own. “He my child too, being that this is his brother,” he said.

According to the rapper, he was going through something of a spiritual transition at the time and the women amplified that for him to where he started eating healthier and losing weight.

“I feel like over the years, especially after jail and stuff, I done built up like a natural wall to not really care about anything or always block so much stuff out,” he said. “I feel like they helping me break down my wall and even like insecurities and self-esteem. A lot of people don’t know I got bad self-esteem problems. They helping me get into an element that I’ve never been in before and more confident in myself.”

He continued: “I can’t give anybody my seed, you feel me? So being that I could see they was already good mothers, when I found out that’s what it was I wasn’t mad about it, you feel me?”

DJ Vlad then asked the 26-year-old whether he set out to have children, to which he admitted he wasn’t expecting to have a kid anytime soon as it wasn’t at the forefront of his mind.

“I’m not a raw dogger. I don’t really trust everybody box, you feel me?” he said. “I didn’t think I could have kids actually, I just thought I’d probably just have one ’cause, you know, everybody else be having kids. I just like shit I can’t have any.”

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Fredo then explained that he’s trying to find a balance between being a rapper and a father to his newborn son, and hopes to spend more time with Annie and Sevyn (who live in Atlanta) when their schedules align.

“I just be happy, and then when I be away from them, I’m just sad, so I’m still trying to find my balance,” he said. “I was scared because I’m like, ‘Man, I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to be a father ’cause I’ll be at home and I ain’t doing nothing.’ I just look at a picture and I get sad, you feel me?”

Fredo Bang shared the news that he was a father earlier this month with an Instagram post of him posing with his newborn and the child of the two women. He kept his caption plain and simple, writing: “I’m a Daddy” along with a smiley face and heart emoji attached.