Consequence has criticized G.O.O.D. Music’s roster for not standing by Kanye West amid the backlash over his antisemitic comments.

The Queens, New York rapper — who was one of the first artists signed by Ye and spent almost a decade on the label — has stood firmly by the disgraced Chicago mogul in the wake of his anti-Jewish hate speech last year that soiled his relationships with many of his associates.

In October, Cons posted a video questioning his fellow G.O.O.D. Music alumni for not coming to Ye’s aid.

“Where everybody else at?!” he asked in the clip. “I’m putting out an APB on G.O.O.D. Music. Everybody who got a check with Ye, where you at? You ain’t got nothin’ to do with this?! Why ain’t nobody else got nothin’ to do with this? Why I’m the only one in the headlines? I’m always the only one in the headlines! You know why? ‘Cause I’m the one, n-gga.”

In his new song “Disappointed,” Consequence continues to push this message, rapping about how quick Ye’s signees were to disappear when things got tough despite having made loads of money thanks to the hitmaker’s talents.

“Everything I did in rap helped n-ggas get rich/ So they could trick on their bitch and put food on the table/ But when we in a crisis you can see who’s ungrateful/ The whole label ran instead of having Ye’s back/ I guess crabs in a barrel is the curse of being Black,” he raps.

“It’s easy to be self serving and ask someone for HELP, who’s in a position of Power to change your life’s trajectory. But, what happens when the tables turn and that person needs you,” Cons added in an Instagram post.

“Your support… Your character testimony… Do you abandon them? If you were only around for the G.O.O.D. times then you were never on OUR team to begin with… I’m Disappointed In ALOT of N-ggas!!!”

“Disappointed” will appear on Consequence’s forthcoming LP Nice Doing Business With You, which is due out in April. The album will also include the previously released “Blood Stain,” produced by Kanye West.

Consequence is seemingly one of the few rappers still supporting Kanye, whose inflammatory remarks about Jewish people and embrace of white supremacy led to him losing a number of lucrative business deals and professional relationships — including G.O.O.D. Music being dropped from Def Jam.

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Former G.O.O.D. Music representative Q-Tip seemingly denounced Ye’s antisemitism by voicing his support for the Jewish community on Instagram, while Yasiin Bey (f.k.a. Mos Def) put a pro-Black spin on Yeezy’s “White Lives Matter” shirt following his controversial Yeezy Season 9 show in Paris.

John Legend also tweeted in October: “Weird how all these ‘free, independent thinkers’ always land at the same old anti blackness and anti semitism.”

“Disappointed” also comes after Consequence aired out Pusha T for severing ties with Mr. West .In a January interview with The Art of Dialogue, the Don’t Quit Your Day Job MC accused King Push of disloyalty, and called his behavior “disgusting.”

“When I see something like that, I’m conflicted, I’m disgusted,” he said. “G.O.O.D. Music is something I helped build with my bare hands…so that’s why I’m disgusted when somebody who wasn’t there from the start and [whose] situation was compromised comes along, and then when Ye is in a situation that he talked himself into — he gotta be responsible for that, 100 percent — but we not gonna stick together?”

He added: “Whether I agree with Kanye or not, it’s not the principle of that. Pusha T done told you all this street shit, and now we doing this industry shit? Nah.”