Balming Tiger wants you to cheer yourself on in their new self-empowering single, “Trust Yourself,” out today (January 31), featuring members Omega Sapien, Mudd the student, and bj wnjn.

The accompanying music video was helmed by long-time collaborator Pennacky during Balming Tiger’s Japan tour last September, and also stars members Leesuho, San Yawn, SEOULTHESOLOIST, and introducing KAKEJIMA.

It was co-produced by (fellow member) Unsinkable and HYUNJAE, with additional arrangements by bj wnjn.

According to a press statement, the track will be part of South Korea’s self-professed alternative K-pop group’s first full compilation album, set to be released in the first half of 2023.


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The impetus of the new single is a joyful mantra of believing in one’s self in your own pace, your own way. “One step a day, even just by inches / One step a day, closer to your meaning,” Omega Sapien sings in the hook.

In an Instagram post, Omega Sapien shared that he wrote ‘Trust Yourself” during COVID, “when I hit rock bottom. I was constantly self doubting myself and even considered quitting music after all.”

He also revealed that he was “too self-conscious” and “found myself constantly comparing with other artists, topped with self-criticism to somehow release my negative energy.”

He went on, “But after those dark path, I realized that I was so much stronger than my trauma. I was no longer the 10-year-old kid lost in another country. I learned that there is nothing to seize but the moment. If you listen to your heart closely, it will guide you to everything. This song is for myself. I wrote this song so I could trust myself. Hopefully this will help you too. Love you all.”

Balming Tiger & BTS’ RM Premiere 'SEXY NUKIM' Collaboration With A24 Hit 'Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’

“Trust Yourself” is Balming Tiger’s first standalone single since 2022’s smash hit, “SEXY NUKIM,” featuring RM of the globally renowned group, BTS. The video—also directed by Pennacky—has been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube, with the song clinching the top spot at Billboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales’ and ‘Hot Trending Songs,’ as well as iTunes Worldwide Chart, among others.

Watch the music video for “Trust Yourself” below: