Alisson Shore tracks cherished memories in his latest single, “MANATILI” (Stay), released today.

The Filipino hip hop/R&B singer-songwriter and producer shared the post-Valentine’s Day track dedicated to his girlfriend and their relationship, captured through their car rides together. An accompanying music video is set to premiere on the same day of the single release, February 17.


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“This song is very special to me as it embodies all of the car rides together with my girlfriend, with the lyrics, ‘Tiniis mula Lipa hanggang sa Bataan, kahit pa malayo gagawan ng paraan’ [Endured the ride from Lipa to Bataan / Even if it’s far, we’ll find a way, right?],” the “Hoya” artist said in a press statement.

He added that “MANATILI” emphasized “how every 8-hour drive I take during the weekends is a factor as to why our bond became stronger; lots of memories, new experiences, misdirections and getting lost on the road, and finally: reaching our destination, separating ways, and waiting for another week to be together again.” In a Facebook post, he further elaborated, “Sabi nga [as they say], it’s not about the destination, but it’s the journey that matters.”

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Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Alisson Shore himself, the single—his first offering in 2023—showcases low-octave vocals, which weren’t a usual feature in his songs.

The cover art for the latest single seemingly suggests that it will be part of an upcoming 12-track album. “MANATILI” follows a string of singles from Alisson in 2022, including “NALILIGAW,” “Risk It,” an alternate version of “Hanggang sa Huli,” and “Lakas ng Pinas.”

Listen to “MANATILI” below: