6ix9ine has been involved in a car accident after footage emerged over the weekend of the Brooklyn rapper with his damaged Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Details of the crash are scarce, but a clip showed 6ix9ine on the phone looking for a possible ride out from the frightening situation while surrounded by road assistance for his orange luxury sports car.

“Yo, baby, pull up on me real quick — I just crashed,” he can be heard saying to someone on the phone. “N-gga, I’ma send you my location. Damn, n-gga.”

Watch the footage below:

6ix9ine and his family have had an unfortunate history with cars as his baby mother, Sara Molina, and daughter, Saraiyah, were involved in a serious car accident last Easter while traveling in an Uber mini-van.

An ambulance was called to the scene and all parties were taken to the hospital. Saraiyah, who was apparently scared and crying after the crash, had serious pain in her arm, while Sara’s sister was left with whiplash.

However, it was Sara who came off worst. In addition to also suffering whiplash, she sustained a concussion and was said to be in a lot of pain afterwards. Prior to the crash, she was battling multiple sclerosis.

In more recent 6ix9ine news, the “GUMMO” rapper was involved in an alleged altercation with Anuel AA’s brother earlier in February.

6ix9ine Dances With Danger By Flexing $1M In Cash & Dropping Location

A video was shared by Akademiks on Instagram on February 7, but little was known about what sparked the heated confrontation between 6ix9ine and the other individuals in the clip.

While neither party has responded to the video, Anuel AA took some serious heat in 2020 after continuing to maintain a friendship with the Brooklyn rapper after he cooperated with federal authorities earlier that year.

Prior to that, 6ix9ine was reportedly tossed out of a Miami, Florida restaurant in January after he started passing around free bottles of booze to all the patrons.