1300 channels their inner K-pop idols in their latest EP, <3 (Less Than Three). 

Announcing the project as their “debut as a K-pop boy band,” the Korean-Australian hip hop collective’s surprise EP, which was released on February 10, commemorates Valentine’s Day, with the hope that listeners will spend the 14th “less lonely.”


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Fully committing to the K-pop aesthetic, 1300 also released a collage featuring members DALI HART, goyo, rako, pokari.sweat, and Nerdie in fan-coveted photo card format.

The five-track <3 is a sprightly offering that wades into electropop, R&B-tinged territory that reminds this writer vividly of London-based Filipino musician no rome’s early work, which was thematically driven by youthful innocence and idealism, specifically of the Y2K era. A recently shared Instagram clip of EP opener “Drunk in Luv” features an adorable 8-bit-animated wedding.

Unintended or not, the Salad Day theme feels palpable in 1300’s new EP (note: the closing track is titled “SUPER CD”). It’s a fun, carefree addition to the group’s growing—and already impressive—catalog that feels impeccably purposeful. Sometimes, Valentine’s Day ballads just don’t cut it. Less Than Three did.

Stream <3 below: